So here is Alisons’ story and the best part of this business, ‘Putting smiles on peoples faces and meeting amazing people like Alison all over the UK.

When we announced the winner of our draw, we immediately called Alison to congratulate her and the response we got was priceless. ‘Not interested’ Alison said, after a day of cold calls and her lack of belief that she had actually won.

Two or three phone calls later, Alison was ecstatic; she had never won anything before. This was the best early Christmas present she had ever received and emotions were running high with all of this as we celebrated our first GUARANTEED WINNER.

So down to Petersfield we went to meet Alison and her lovely friends (who were there to check that we were real), and what a lovely day it was. With a glass of bubbly in hand it is evident from the video how elated everyone was.

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